Public Speaking

Kris Griffin

Kris Griffin

I’m lucky to have been invited to speak at numerous events, conferences and workshops in the UK and Europe where I have delivered a personalised, open talk about cancer, blood cancer or leukaemia from a patient perspective. At a recent conference I received a 98.5% approval rating and described as, “amazing, inspiring and invaluable, such a strong man”. These comments are humbling and along with the desire to make the patient experience a good one, they drive me forward.

Kris Griffin, 2014

How to make delegates sit up and take notice at conference? Then engage Kris Griffin to speak…By the time Kris had finished they were on sitting on the edge of their seats wanting to hear more…much more!!! Interesting, relevant and fun…what more could you ask for?
Tina Sandford, Executive Officer. The Lotteries Council
2015 Lotteries Council Annual Conference & AGM

“Kris is a powerful communicator who uses strong reasoning, emotional connection and humour in a totally compelling and authentic way to engage his audiences from beginning to end. His passion for life shines through in all that he does and ensures that every audience he connects with have their lives enriched by the experience.”
Cathy Gilman, Chief Executive, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (Bloodwise)

“I wholeheartedly recommend Kris as a speaker. He can equally engage audiences at conferences and in the more intimate surroundings of a patient support group. His honesty, humour and sheer passion for life is inspirational; however it is never done at the expense of acknowledging the challenges of the blood cancer journey. Most recently, he spoke at our Patient and Carer conference in Worcester as well as our Leicester and Worcester support groups.”
Monica Izmajlowicz, Chief Executive Officer, Leukaemia CARE

Kris is a highly valued member of our global community CML Advocates Network ( At our recent global meeting convening 109 patient leaders from 60 countries, he has led workshops on the use of social media for patient organisations. We’ve received excellent feedback on his sessions, as he presents things authentically from a patient, advocacy and net citizen perspective – which is really unique!
Jan Geissler, co-founder CML Advocates Network

“Kris opened two of our recent workshops providing a patient’s perspective; both presentations were interesting and entertaining. Kris scored very well on the delegate evaluation forms all saying he was excellent or very good with many delegates saying his presentation was one of the most useful parts of the workshops. I have no hesitation in recommending Kris”
Clive Johnstone, Managing Director, Medical Management Services

Recent delegate comments about my presentations: “Wonderfully enthusiastic and funny“, “Excellent and funny!“, “Very amusing and a good way to end the day“, “His enthusiasm and knowledge was great!“, “Good end of afternoon speaker for when one’s attention is getting low“, “Excellent“, “Well presented“, “Very good, excellent way to finish”, “Gave a human perspective on going through treatment”, “Very good, I really felt I connected with what he had to say”, “Amazing, inspiring and invaluable. Such a strong man”.

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If you are interested in booking me please use the contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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