About Me

I have spent my entire career in marketing and PR, racking up experience in radio, print, TV, online and outdoor media. I’ve worked with US newsrooms including CNN, Fox News and CBC and received a commendation from US security agencies for my research work following 9/11.

During the last 10 years I’ve worked with young people, most recently at an organisation with 24,000 students at the heart of it. I currently work at a senior leader level in a Birmingham secondary academy. I’m a published writer, school Governor and a consultant to the Doctor Who audio brand.

My biggest challenge arrived in 2008 when I was diagnosed, age 32, with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). I’ve since become an experienced patient advocate, fundraiser and parliamentary lobbyist. Most importantly I became a Dad to Luca in 2011.

The primary aim of my CML work focuses on ensuring that ALL drugs for CML are available to ALL patients, free at the point of delivery. I am also involved in the development of digital support networks, using new technology to improve adherence and mindfulness; the importance of a healthy and peaceful mind.

The best place to find professional information about me is my LinkedIn page. If you need to know more please feel free to ask:

Click here: Kris Griffin on LinkedIn

Kris and Luca Griffin

Kris and Luca Griffin

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  1. paulineridley
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 08:58:05

    Just found your blog – thanks for setting it up. My husband (dx CML back in 1999 pre glivec etc) also had to come off imatinib after a few years when he lost response, then on nilotinib for a while but by the time that had stopped working for him, dasatinib had been approved so we had a big fight with the PCT to agree to fund it. Now he’s on expanded access to ponatinib which has had good results for people with cml resistant to 1st and 2nd gen TKIs, but we are worrying what will happen once its approved soon, and nobody seems to know who will take local prescribing/funding decisions. The CML support group has been a great campaigning body – patient lobbying can definitely be effective.


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