The 2017 patient survey from Leukaemia CARE is now live and they need your help to improve the experience of blood cancer patients!

In 2016, Leukaemia CARE partnered with Quality Health to develop the 2016 blood cancer patient experience survey. 2,519 patients shared their experience of blood cancer from diagnosis through to living with and beyond cancer.

This survey has helped to provide evidence to the extent of issues faced by blood cancer patients in the UK and inform the work at Leukaemia CARE. The leukaemia-specific findings and subsequent recommendations for improvements were highlighted in the ‘Living with Leukaemia’ report – those relating to diagnosis were used to inform the #SpotLeukaemia campaign for blood cancer awareness month.

This year Leukaemia CARE’s patient survey is running again from September through to Saturday 16th December and I want you to share your blood cancer experience.

The 2017 patient survey aims to:

1. Provide a deeper understanding of the issues faced by blood cancer patients, particularly those diagnosed with rare types of blood cancer.

2. Give a greater picture of regional differences between patient experiences.

3. Understand which patient experience issues are getting worse by comparing results to those from 2016 – this will then prioritise the focus of future campaigns.

With your help, Leukaemia CARE will have a greater understanding of the issues faced by blood cancer patients. This will help direct their future work and bring about changes where they are most needed.

Share your experience. Inform the work. Improve the future experience of blood cancer patients.


If you would like to request a hard-copy of the survey, please call 01905 755977 or email