This September for Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), Leukaemia CARE are working to improve public understanding of leukaemia and raise awareness of the most common symptoms patients experience before they are diagnosed.

In the UK, 38% of leukaemia patients are diagnosed via emergency presentation, compared to a cancer average of 22%. The key focus is driving earlier diagnosis of leukaemia, to improve patient experience and save lives.

Leukaemia Care has developed a campaign called Spot Leukaemia which encourages people to learn about leukaemia and the common symptoms. Leukaemia can be hard to spot because the signs and symptoms are common to other unrelated illnesses. Knowing what to look out for could help you make the decision to visit your GP sooner.

Leukaemia Care has also been contacting GPs to inform them of the campaign, so that they are aware of Spot Leukaemia and the messaging, in case patients ask them about symptoms they are experiencing.

The campaign is designed with one thing in mind: Awareness.

To this end, can you help Leukaemia Care raise awareness for this campaign by reading and sharing the information on this page and signing up for the Thunderclap?