Whenever I attend the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meetings in London for cancer I always pine for one on blood cancer, it’s quite a strange thing to pine for but there you have it. You can imagine my delight at writing the last piece of news about the announcement of an APPG for blood cancer.

I’ve been fortunate to meet two of the founding officers in the past: Jim Shannon, DUP MP for Strangford and Henry Smith, Conservative MP for Crawley. Today I was lucky to meet Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham, Yardley. She’s a relatively new MP, winning her seat in 2015 but she’s already made a huge splash; Google her, go on, it’s worth it.

I can happily inform that she lives up to the hype. She’s positive, incredibly charismatic, passionate and honest – a perfect storm for an MP. She’s a refreshing change and fights for good; sadly, no cape.

She’s passionate about blood cancer patients, her Dad has lived with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) since she was 11, there was clearly a calling to the APPG. I loved how we laughed about life, how we discussed equality and fairness and how important it is and how political divides shouldn’t create barriers; how we can make a difference.

I left her office on cloud nine and I’ve just finished writing an email to her outlining our discussion points and some suggested lines of investigation. I have faith and I think we’re in good hands.

Thanks to Bloodwise for supporting the APPG and for all those involved in pushing the agenda for blood cancer patients.


Jess Phillips MP and Kris Griffin

Jess Phillips MP and Kris Griffin