I get my results via email now and I emailed Mark, my consultant, on Monday, quite trepidatiously. He wrote, on Tuesday, with some rather brilliant news.

Undetectable. For the first time in 9.5 years.

No evidence of a BCR-ABL1 gene fusion by RQ-PCR at a sensitivity of 0.00001, consistent with molecularly undetectable CML.

Just to give people some reassurance of how much our numbers can bounce around, take a look at mine since 2012. I’ve no doubt it’ll register next time but for anyone mid-blip, take heart from this.

May 2012 0.03%
Feb 2013 0.007%
Aug 2013 0.04%
Feb 2014 0.03%
July 2014 0.008%
June 2015 0.008%
Dec 2015 0.03%
June 2016 <0.00001%

Thanks to everyone for their support; thanks to dasatinib!

In the meantime, yay.