Do you think that access to effective blood cancer treatment should be available to patients throughout the whole of the UK?

The ‪#‎CancerLottery‬ campaign from Leukaemia Care is calling for the Government to do more to ensure fair and equal access to potentially lifesaving treatment for blood cancer patients.

On July 1st, the way cancer drugs are funded for NHS patients in England will change, meaning existing and newly diagnosed blood cancer patients could miss out on the most effective treatments.

The proposed changes to the appraisal process could mean:

  • Access to many blood cancer drugs could be reduced.
  • Inequalities in access to rarer cancer treatment throughout the UK.

Leukaemia Care need your help and I’m happy to lend my voice to this campaign:

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No patient should be part of a #CancerLottery.

In this campaign video I talk open and honestly about what the changes to the Cancer Drugs fund mean for blood cancer patients (and other rarer cancers) and why we need to put pressure on the Government to do more to ensure it’s a fair system for all.

Kris Griffin