I’m not a huge fan of petitions, they are far too easy to ignore but this one is just 1,707 short of the target of 10,000 signatures. It’s simply too close to the target for us not to go after it.

I’ve been writing about my friend Khalid Younis on this blog for some time now. Like me, Khalid is a leukaemia patient as well as a father of four. He lives in England and has received the devastating news that he does not qualify for ponatinib, a treatment freely available in Scotland and Wales. This drug is his last chance and he’s been told that his case is “not exceptional.”

As well as this petition going off to NHS England if we achieved the 10,000 signatures, it would also mean that any correspondence we have with ministers and government departments we could reference it – it’s quite a powerful statement and makes the case to get access to these drugs a little strong.

Please sign. https://www.change.org/p/nhs-nice-cancer-dad-denied-tratment#petition-letter. Please share.

Thank you. Kris