You’ll recall that we’ve been working with Khalid Younis, the father-of-four who lives in England and has received the devastating news that he does not qualify for Ponatinib, a treatment freely available in Scotland and Wales. The new ‘wonder’ drug is the only treatment left for the 43-year-old who is battling Chronic Myleoid Leukaemia (CML), of which there are 700 new cases a year in the UK. His body has become resistant to all other medicines and he is not eligible for a stem cell transplant. Mr Younis, a former carpet fitter, is being treated at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and this drug is his last chance; he’s been told that his case is “not exceptional.” You can find my original posts HERE and HERE.

Whilst the story received exceptional media coverage, things may have appeared to have quietened down over the last two weeks. They haven’t.

Firstly, the petition set up by Debbie Williams has attracted 7,507 supports, the target is 10,000. If you haven’t signed the petition, please sign it now:

Kate from The Pamela Northcott Fund is putting together an appeal against the decision. Kate is an incredible person who has an amazing track record of supporting cancer patients who have been denied access to new drug therapies that have yet to be approved by NICE or refused by NICE. Kate offers this as a completely free service to patients, her reward is seeing a cancer patient on the right treatment. You can find more out about the Fund by visiting the website


Roger Godsiff MP, Khalid Younis, Kris Griffin

Khalid and I have been in touch with Khalid’s MP, Roger Godsiff – – who has written to NHS England, NICE and the Secretary of State for Health about the case. Roger has been incredibly supportive. We met up with him last week at his home and he listened with interest to Khalid’s story and offered advice on next steps.

If you are a patient, based in England and wish to take action on this matter, please get in touch with me through my contact form. I’ll ask you to write to your MP as a CML patient and request they too write to the Secretary of State to Health to highlight Khalid’s case. I’ll help you out with the wording of the letter.

Finally, if all else fails we are considering a fund-raising campaign to pay for Khalid’s drugs. We hope that it doesn’t come to that.

All things considered, Khalid is in incredibly good spirits. He very much appreciates the efforts that everyone is making and wishes to send thanks out to you all.

We’ll keep fighting. Thanks, Kris

Khalid Younis and Kris Griffin

Khalid Younis and Kris Griffin