This is turning into a rather extraordinary day and I hope that you don’t mind me publishing a brief update. I hope that you’ve seen my previous post regarding the situation Khalid Younis finds himself; he is unable to access ponatinib – a drug that is essentially his last resort.

The media have picked the story up. I’ve just been interviewed for ITV Central News, that’ll be going out this evening and I’ll be doing a live interview on BBC WM Drivetime around 1715. Please tune in if you are able and spread the word on social media.

The story has also been covered by the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, links below:

Mirror – Dying dad denied ‘life-saving cancer drug’ by NHS in postcode scandal is told his case ‘not exceptional’

Mail – Dying father-of-four is denied life-saving cancer drug by the NHS in postcode lottery scandal that’s outraged doctors

We’re breaking ground here and bringing, what is essentially a tiny disease, to public consciousness. We can and will make a difference. Khalid and his family deserve our support. Please help.