I met with parliamentarians yesterday to ask for their support in helping chronic myeloid leukaemia patients access vital, life extending medicines and life insurance. Overall it was a very productive day.

The meetings, held with Mark Tami MP and Lord Avebury, provided an opportunity for me to highlight the fact that patients in England currently are missing out on innovative new drugs whilst patients in Wales have full access. I also explained the difficulties CML patients have getting life insurance cover.

New drugs such as ponatinib (Iclusig®) have the potential to offer patients another treatment option when others have failed and when the only option for many is a stem cell transplant. The system for appraising drugs in England, NICE, says that there are too few patients for them to even consider making ponatinib available on the NHS, they won’t even look at the figures. It doesn’t seem fair that across the border in Wales all patients can be prescribed the drug when here it’s not going to be looked at.

Both parliamentarians were also supportive of my bid to get insurance companies to offer CML patients life insurance, as many of us are being turned down. We’re not asking the insurers to pay out on CML related deaths, but many patients can’t get mortgages without life insurance, so it’s vital that we can be accepted with exclusions for our condition.

There’s plenty of follow up work to be done: letter writing and tabling of parliamentary questions before purdah, the pre-election period in the United Kingdom. I’ll also be meeting up with my local MP Mark Garnier, who has been incredibly supportive over the years, next week to ask for his support on both matters.

Once the dust settles on the general election in May, I’ll be going back down to Westminster to gather more support from MPs and peers. The landscape will be a little calmer by then (I hope) and we’ll put even more pressure on the insurance industry and NICE to give CML patients the access to drugs and services that we deserve. Yesterday was a great start.

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