Leukaemia Care - Autumn 2013 Journey magazine - Kris Griffin

Kris Griffin and his family on the cover of the Leukaemia Care magazine.

I’m delighted to be featured on the cover of the latest Journey magazine from Leukaemia Care with Kelly and super-Luca. I’ve written an article inside about my Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) journey, I hope you enjoy it. You can download the whole magazine here.

I was also thrilled to have been asked along, by Leukaemia Care, last week to a seminar for student nurses at Worcester University. Around 120 student nurses attended and we had a great time. We covered the psychological effects of cancer in what I hope was an accessible way, thanks for listening and for your hospitality. Congratulations to Leukaemia care for organising such an innovative event.   Kris.