Trust those great people at CML Advocates Network to drop a brilliant new resource in our lap. This is well worth checking out. K

Over the next three years, CML patients in more and more countries will be facing the use of generic TKIs and copy drugs to treat CML.

To provide patient organizations with background information on this important issue which has so far been quite difficult to find, we have launched a Resource & Knowledge Center on CML generics, copy drugs and substandard drugs.

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It provides:

  • an unofficial directory listing all CML tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) that are – to our knowledge – available to date:
  • the results of our survey on generics, copy drugs and substandard drugs in CML which was conducted by CML Advocates Network in collaboration with iCMLf in March 2013. The survey summarizes 86 responses from 55 countries – the data is also available for download.
  • the webstreams of our session on CML generics and substandard drugs at “CML Horizons 2013”, which featured a presentation of the WHO, of the CML Association of Serbia and the CML Advocates Network
  • an index of scientific articles on the use of generic drugs in CML treatment:
  • our blog on CML generics. (This is only available after login for members of the CML Advocates Network to keep discussions private in the community)
  • a glossary with key terms and definitions in the area of drugs and generics:

We will soon complement this by a “Best Practice Toolbox” for advocacy on generics in a few weeks, which is currently under construction. The “toolbox” will provide useful advice and tools on how to address this topic as an advocacy organization when generics or copy drugs are being introduced in your country.

Finally, we would like to stress that the Resource & Knowledge Center on CML generics, copy drugs and substandard drugs is a purely patient-driven, non-commercial initiative. It has no interest to promote, or assess, any of the drugs. The only intent is to increase transparency in a confusing environment.

We hope that you will find this Resource & Knowledge Center very useful!
We are looking forward to your active participation in the blog and the new knowledge center, and are happy to receive your feedback!

Nicole, Giora and Jan
CML Advocates Network –