It’s late, I’m writing this in bed an hour after I had the BEST club sandwich I’ve ever eaten. I’ve spent most of the day travelling, finally arriving in Prague just a few hours ago. I’m speaking at the CML Horizons 2013 conference which is being held over the next 3 days. I was lucky enough to attend CML Horizons 2012 in Munich last year and it was only on my journey to the hotel with delegates I met last year that I remembered just how intense the conference is. After exchanging pleasantries and accounts of weather in our various countries the topic soon landed on generic drugs and pricing. All of a sudden, after 8 hours travelling, I had to up my game. The names of drugs escaped my brain, numbers suddenly became random strings and I found myself working hard to keep up. The 160+ delegates will be bombarded with info over the forthcoming days, ready for us to disseminate to our respective countries when we get home. It’ll be good to see friends and spend time with the Midlands crew: Tony Gavin (from Leukaemia Care) and Nigel Deekes (who runs the CML-UK Facebook group).

I’m looking forward to delivering my talk on using the Internet for advocacy, that’s on Saturday, and hearing from a variety of people from around the world speak about their particular CML specialism. The conference will inspire, invigorate and drive many of us on again to continue campaigning, publicising and pressing the issues that need to be dealt with.

I’m going to try and blog at the end of each day with details of what we have heard. Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment, in fact I’d love you too.

All the best,