Good news today. Dasatinib has been included on the cohort list for the Cancer Drug Fund (CDF). This means that dasatinib will continue to be available on the CDF…whilst we have a CDF. It does provide some short term reassurance. Details follow. Kris.

· NHS England (formally the NHS Commissioning Board) has now released details of the single drugs fund list, which list the 28 treatments that would be available for fast track funding on the CDF. Dasatinib is included on this list, for use in the treatment of CML and ALL.

· The reason for developing a single operating list is to reduce regional variation in delivery of the CDF and to ensure that value for money is best achieved. This may (although far from certain) have the effect of reducing some of the regional prescribing variations that we identified through our earlier FOI campaign in 2012.

· Whilst this is positive news, it is important that we continue to monitor this issue and seek clarification if further drugs will be removed from the list. It has been suggested by leading figures within this process that decisions on whether drugs would be downgraded would not be made until later this year.

I will continue to seek clarification from NHS England and continue to keep relevant stakeholders updated on this process.

The full NHS England announcement can be found via and the list of fast track treatments can be found via