I had some good news recently. My CML is still on the retreat and currently at 0.005% – on the verge of being undetectable – this has taken 5 years. As well as my brilliant support network I have to very grateful for dasatinib and all of the other TKIs that are giving people their lives back. It spurs me on…

I’m very humbled to have been asked to speak at various events this year and I’ll keep you up-to-date with where I am and when. If you find yourself in the same place please come and say hi – you’ll find me looking somewhat bewildered wondering why on earth people want to hear me talk 🙂

12 March 2013 – Medical Management Services – Melanoma workshop – London – DETAILS

20 March 2013 – Medical Management Services – Melanoma workshop – Warrington – DETAILS

11 April 2013 – Leukaemia Care – Leukaemia Support Group – Worcester

13 April 2013 – Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research – Impact Day – London

25 April 2013 – Leukaemia Care – East Midlands CML Support Group – Leicester

3-5 May 2013 – CML Horizons (11th International) – Expert Marketplace: Using the Internet in advocacy – Prague, Czech Republic – DETAILS

15 June 2013 – Leukaemia Care – Annual Conference – Worcester

All my best wishes,