As many of you may already know, the link between non adherence (previously referred to as non-compliance – that is forgetting to take or deliberately not taking oral medications as prescribed) to tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) and poor outcome or lose of response, has been proven in two big research studies one by the Hammersmith hospital London and the other Adagio study – Universitair Ziekenhuis (UZ) Gent, Gent, Belgium.

The Leukaemia Patients Advocates Foundation, and CML advocates network has now launched phase 2 of its International CML Adherence Survey. The survey will be available in 12 languages, The goal of this survey, which builds on a pilot survey that had already revealed invaluable insights, is to better understand patients’ attitudes to taking their oral medication for the treatment of CML. It aims to gain greater understanding of patient attitudes and behaviours surrounding adherence, and ultimately help support physicians and patients to improve compliance and to develop adherence tools.

The survey, which is completely anonymous, is available via this link,  They want as many CML patients as possible to fill it in so they can identify differences between countries in adherence levels and attitudes and improve compliance and to develop adherence tools that may be country specific.

Anonymity and confidentiality of all responses will be assured, so results cannot be attributed to any individual patient. Participants in the survey need to be CML patients that are currently under TKI treatment and be at least 18 years old.

Please help with this very valuable project, and fill it in as honestly as you can.  The results will be published in peer reviewed journals, and will help guide physicians in the future treatment of all CML patients.