Just a short, off-topic, post today about fundraising. Earlier this year I walked over the Clent Hills (near Birmingham, UK) with Kelly and Luca, aged 7 months old, in his pushchair. It was 4 miles but felt like 40. We finished pretty much at the back of the field having to lift Luca and his pushchair out of the mud for the final quarter. It was really tough.

Many readers of this blog supported me and I’m delighted to say we raised £1935.46. Since we started walking with Ian Botham 4 years ago we’ve raised nearly £5k now and this recent amount is our very best yet. I think we have Luca to thank. I’d also like to thank Aston Villa Football Club for donating a signed shirt that I was able to auction on eBay.

The money raised goes to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and we are delighted to do what we can. Thanks everyone.

Kris, Kelly and Luca


With Sir Ian Botham after the walk

With Sir Ian Botham after the walk for Leukaemia 2012.