I’m writing from the CML Horizons conference in Munich. I have been very fortunate in receiving an invite and must thank Tony Gavin from Leukaemia Care for arranging it. This is the 10th conference for organisations representing people with CML and the content is completely fascinating. There are 86 patients here alone from 48 countries over 4 continents listening to 15 speakers. I’m making notes as the conference progresses and I will be sure to post a full update for readers of this blog. There are many opportunities for us to learn from an international community and I feel this will greatly benefit our campaign. I still firmly believe that by acting from the heart and being humble anything is possible. Bahija Gouimi from Morocco said today, “happiness and sincerity is key” – she suggested that only then will people listen. Very wise words and her progress is testament to this philosophy.

If you would like to follow the progress of the conference keep an eye on Twitter hashtag #cmlhz.

The Final Guidance Document has been approved for our dasatinib campaign and it isn’t good news. I will be posting the document shortly and suggesting the next step in our campaign. There is still much we can do.

On a more positive note the final total Kelly, Luca and I raised is edging closer to £2,200. This is more than we have ever raised before and we cannot thank all the kind people who supported us enough.