A Dasatinib PAS (Patient Access Scheme) PQ (Parliamentary Question) has been answered. We have a stock response indicating that it is for the manufacturer to choose to submit a PAS and nothing has yet been submitted to DH (Department of Health) by BMS:

Karl McCartney: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will encourage Bristol Myers Squibb to introduce a patient access scheme to discount the price of dasatinib.

Mr Simon Burns: It is for the manufacturers of a drug to decide if they wish to submit a patient access scheme proposal to the Department for potential consideration as part of a National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence appraisal. The manufacturer of dasatinib has not approached the Department regarding the possibility of a patient access scheme for this drug.

Parliamentary Business – Daily Hansard – Written Answers – 19th April 2012 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201212/cmhansrd/cm120419/text/120419w0001.htm#120419w0001.htm_sbhd43

I urge all readers, again, to write to BMS to introduce a PAS. We know that their line is still ‘exploring all options’, so some more pressure might help them make a decision sooner rather than later.