Further to my post this evening I think we have to register our incredulity with BMS and NICE for these terrible decisions. These decisions will cost lives and I’m really not sure they realise the implications they will have on human lives, our lives. Let’s put faces to these lives.

Can I ask you to write 2 letters. The first to Sir Andrew Dillon who is the Chief Executive of NICE:

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
MidCity Place
71 High Holborn
London WC1V 6NA

Perhaps telling him YOUR story and how important FULL access to these life changing drugs are. It may be worth asking him in terms of his “cost effectiveness” just how much is a human life worth. Finally you could ask him how he feels to be in charge of an organisation that is restricting access, to what is effectively, a cure for cancer. Today it’s CML but with usage and research it could be lung, brain, colon, any type of cancer. Just how will history judge such a decision? Why are we restricting access to life saving treatment. To ensure a balanced argument it is important that you mention that you will write to BMS about their reluctance to offer a Patient Access Scheme (PAS).

I have cut and pasted the first part of the responsibility statement of BMS by Lamberto Andreotti, where their declared ambition is to, “strive to do the right thing for the benefit of the patients.”  My question is how can this be the case when they are denying patients access to treatment by stubbornly refusing to offer patient access scheme to CML patient in the UK in the face of recalcitrance of NICE.

Béatrice Cazala has control over what happens to BMS products in Europe, we should ask her to explain this contradiction in their stance to patients in the UK and the declared responsibility message (below).  Patients need access to dasatinib, and this reluctance to negotiate is helping no one.

Béatrice Cazala
Executive Vice President
Commercial Operations
Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate Headquarters
345 Park Avenue
New York
New York 10154

Responsibility Message from Lamberto Andreotti, Chief Executive Officer At Bristol-Myers Squibb: “We are firmly focused on our Mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. In addition, we are steadfast in our Commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Integrity is the foundation from which we operate. As a BioPharma leader, we take our responsibilities seriously, and always strive to do the right thing for the benefit of the patients we serve around the world, our company, our employees, our shareholders and our communities.”

If you need help in writing a letter please contact me but I do urge you to write. It is important our voices are heard. Further to this I think our battle continues with the Cancer Drug Fund (CDF) and ensuring it meets the needs of patients accessing ALL CML drugs.

Thank you.