This feels like I’m readying the troops for battle but to be honest I’m simply gathering together a group of very special people. We either live with Leukaemia everyday or know someone who has, or had it. You may be someone who is unconnected and simply feels the injustice of what is happening.

The story is complicated, but doesn’t have to be. Please visit the ABOUT page for a more detailed commentary. Simply put, the drugs that Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia patients take everyday could be the nucleus of the elusive cure for cancer. If we can treat, and cure, Leukaemia with these drugs, which is a type of cancer, then there is much hope for the future.

So you have to ask yourself why an organisation like NICE, funded by the Department of Health, wants to restrict access to some of these drugs on cost grounds. What price the cure for cancer?

I’ll be posting Leukaemia stories, articles and action notes where I will ask you to participate in the campaign to ensure ALL CML drugs are available to ALL patients. Please leave comments, email me with content and participate.